Текст песни U-God - Night The City Cried

Golden Arms Redemption
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: U-God
Альбом: Golden Arms Redemption
Длительность: 05:28
Рейтинг: 332
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*police radio* (humming) (U-God) Night falling, red dawn, without warning or beef Late night city life, in the dark Manhattan fog, creep wit' cats and dogs become meat All that is sacred My body lay naked Aching for some weeks, maybe it was a hostage taken Some money making Jamaican High for thuggery disgrace on did him ugly, kicked his bloody face in Maybe he was mistaken for some great man In a dirty place he lay in a gray basement Shaking his scabs, crack bag, stabbed up four times, strong! With a long rusty Jason Dumped the smoldering corpse in a dumpster truck of garbage In this mad man hell he laid in Logical was hatred Some replacement killer came through, left small traces Engraved his chest Left him for death Left him on his last breath Crawling, just to make a statement (hu hu huh) In this matrix Subconsciously gazing the soft shell of a man Somehow found, amazing! By the department of sanitation Under city lights to the hospital Hit him with the chest rockers, shockers Pop him open just to keep his heart racing (Clear) (Chorus) Will he make it? Will he survive? Terror in his eyes Night the city cries Payback is crime He damn near died Banished my wounds not mine The city cries, drama ride Guns out the window, slide Before me now the city cries (U-God) Unconscious for months (beep beep) Deep in coma shock When you awoke, it was hope Dry throat Choking off tools, being fed ice cubes Pain in you head Change of the bed Doped up and soaking while police on top Doctors monitor your heart (heart beating) Sergeant Bilko came in with some zombie ass cops What we have here the chief embraces In his hands he pulls out two briefcases A picture popped up on computer One woman, one man, sharpshooter He asked you do you remember these two faces? 'Mind you you're blind, completely hung out to dry, victimized Violated as if you was raped What the hell You escape well Police investigated the scene Scrape the crime scene Down to the bone panel While you lay frail in the enamel Under you nails in the scuffle You scratched some DNA samples that match The blood on your clothes are not yours, it was his Right before you blacked out, took that blow In September, you can't remember You ripped his nose ring Right out his nose Before he took it four times in the ribs But somehow he lived >From the little bit of blood you grabbed His skin type, you ran it back to forensic labs Your finger prints popped up This is where it begins Your street name was Henry the Saint Staten Island's where your crib was at Park Hill project was your outlet You was a target Or organized outfit Not by the mafia, this where it get chills Your wife hired some hitman to kill you for your ten million dollar will Money fund drill Booby trapped perhaps Left his food for the rats Now... (Chorus) Will you make it? Will you survive? Terror in your eyes Night the city cries Payback is crime You damn near died Bandaged by wounds not mine The city cries, drama ride Guns out the window slide Before me now the city cries (U-God) One cop's weakness Was heroic, he exposed pieces Leaked out information On surveillance where his wife was staying Police tracked her down Blood hound on the east side of town In some skyscraper They had video tapes of her And some porn star fling, her and the next door neighbor And the killer with the nose ring But the police didn't have a case 'Cause the victim couldn't remember a thing Not even a face He had to clear his name He bit off more than he could chew His absent minded flash backs grew And grew to hate He had to escape To ICU On the second day he came through He concocted the impossible
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