Текст песни Inspectah Deck - The Movement

The Movement
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Inspectah Deck
Альбом: The Movement
Длительность: 03:57
Рейтинг: 469
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Ye-yeah Smooth like a green Caddy, ya fiend badly Heads spin like Giovanni's on the Navi Hammers spit, quick as the darts, niggaz part Like the Red Sea, test me, I'm sick with the art Been held back, it's either rap or sell smack Black Knight like Martin Lawrence 'Runteldat' It's the I-N-S-P-E-C-T-A-H Livin' life on the line, I hope I see daybreak This is ground level, rounds echo out the Special Be easy, U.D.'s out to get you Throw it in the smash (so fast) Known to spaz (don't ask) We like strippers makin' niggaz (throw cash) Smoke the blue green (call it Joe Cash) Fake thugs (hold ass) You be the next rapper (callin' Onas) Wanna measure my size? I rise above the norm The urban icon ridin' on the eye of the storm, fool [Chorus] All my people from the front to back If you want it like that just.. MOVE! Get ill, no time to chill You feel what I feel then.. MOVE! Girlfriend, you love how it sounds Put ya drink down and.. MOVE! Come on! Come on! Come on! What ya do now, put ya loot down You can bet it on the new sound Heavy like a Hummer on deuce pounds True hounds, on the loose in ya town Bound to the move the crowd, it's The Movement (you down?) Scream at the top of ya lungs Pop one for Aaliyah, Left Eye, BIG, 'Pac and Pun Ride with me shotgun, rock with son Heads bop to the drums, still shocked and stunned Come alive y'all, gangsta like white walls On the blue Snoop Deville, watch ya eyeballs Blade stay choppin' the track, game top of the pack I spit flames y'all acknowledge the fact Find out Big Rug get it poppin' like that Throw it down like Stackhouse, cockin' it back So ladies? Is you wit me now? (Fellas) Don't fake now Everybody brace yaselves, it's a shakedown [Chorus] I do this for dough, but it's really for love Feel me, it's love for hot girls, willies and thugs My peeps cross seas, call it junglin' dub And it's sure to move ya feet like a gun in the club I blaze like a ounce and a half, stay countin' the cash For all lames that doubtin' my craft He's no pretender, he won't surrender (He's a rebel) Don't y'all remember? A major player in the game Play the frontline, ain't afraid to make a change I stay way beyond range So far from the norm my code name's Doc Strange Now get down with the get down Sendin' missles to all my dogs in the big house Make 'em wig out, Spiderman still on the web Log on like ya clickin' the mouse, yeah! [Chorus]
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