Текст песни Jimi Hendrix - Midnight

War Heroes
Жанр: Classic Rock
Исполнитель: Jimi Hendrix
Альбом: War Heroes
Длительность: 05:36
Рейтинг: 1494
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Загрузил: trooper64


The morning is dead and the day is too There's nothing left here to lead me, but the velvet moon All my loneliness I have felt today It's a little more than enough to make a man throw himself away And I continue to burn the Midnight Lamp, alone Now the smiling portrait of you is still hanging on my frowning wall It really doesn't, it really doesn't bother me too much at all It's just the eh ever falling dust that makes it so hard for me to see That forgotten earring laying on the floor Facing coldly towards the door And I continue to burn the Midnight Lamp, all alone Burn! Yeah, yeah Lonely, lonely, lonely Loneliness is such a drag! So here I sit to face that same old fireplace Getting ready for the same old explosion Going through my mind And soon enough the time will tell About the circus in the wishing well And someone who will buy and sell for me Someone who will toll my bell And I continue to burn the same old lamp, alone Yeah Darling, can you hear me calling you? So lonely Gotto blow my mind Yeah, yeah Lonely, lonely . . .
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