Текст песни Halford - We Own The Night

Made Of Metal
Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Halford
Альбом: Made Of Metal
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 1832
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Загрузил: judepriest


We're not alone, we have a chance you see Let's live the dreams we have in life There's nothing left if you can't walk with me You know we need to put it right We own the night And whatever comes our way Nothing will hold us back When we love and we obey When I'm with you, you give me all your strength And with your love I carry on Well we both know it takes the two of us To face the truth don't need to run Let's take tonight And forget about the day Stand at the edge of life Let the starts come out to play You wait and see Our light will grow and grow Open eyes will realize The ray of life to hold Our world of calm It sings right from the heart Can you hear the storm of fear Can't tear this love apart If we don't leap for faith How can we be free We can't deny or say goodbye We found our destiny Don't leave me alone I can't stand the thought of being here without you My heart turns to stone Look in my eyes, my words are true I'm not alone But ships pass in the night Hold me now, hold me now Before my heart takes flight
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