Текст песни Kool G Rap - Gangsta, Gangsta

The Giancana Story
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Kool G Rap
Альбом: The Giancana Story
Длительность: 03:34
Рейтинг: 508
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Загрузил: Partizan


Featuring Apache Kool G. Rap "You must be out your fucking mind man" "I'm gonna kick your ass" "Hey you come here" (Repeat 3x) [Apache] Aw shit it's time to get (Dum dum!) If you took what you got lick a shot (Pump pump!) When the dough is low we go (Stick up stick up!) You get knocked on the block we say (Big up big up!) Check the misfit time to rip shit Time to get with the nitwit lyrical lunatic In the street I stay strong cause I'm armed With a nine, what up nig? You must be out of your fucking mind I'm much more than you expect, kid To identify your ass they'll have to use your fucking dental records So step up, come come, don't be bashful I got a steel toe and you can get an assful Cause if it's me you think you're better than You'll need a sniffly, sneezy, coughing, stuffy head, get your ass with medicine You can feel, shit is real, my mind can set me free So I can continue my MC killing spree The police, they try to keep me in the clink, yo I got 'em ducking and bucking, so I don't think so I bust your whole shit if you're not kind Stomping comp? You must be out of your FUCKING mind! "You must be out your fucking mind, man" "I'm a kick your ass" "Hey you, come here" (Repeat 2x) [Kool G. Rap] Chitty chitty bang bang, I'm coming like a chain gang >From outta Sang Sang to make your motherfucking brains hang Try to diss this, then you'll enlist for the stiffs Snatch your bitch up at Crystal and then I fuck her with a pistol A nigga with heart, walk through a park in the dark Fuck the drug marks stomping me, I'll play your fucking heart, so be smart Cut all that bullshit and clown, I'll be the only nigga laying down When everybody else is sitting So who's the next man to hit? I slip in a banana clip And I hit, come and get your bandana split Shit, fuck, bitch who's the snitch? You may be down with Mikey and Ikey, but you're laying in a fucking ditch With motherfucking maggots with the rest of them faggots Cause your license to kill was from Tagget's I warned a brother of another brother's glock And I said "What's up, duck?" And I had my motherfucking gun cocked So be a sport, another lesson drug Holding down the fort and a stupid-ass nigga got caught So he made prime time cause I had the nine Yeah, you must be out of your FUCKING mind! "You must be out your fucking mind, man" "I'm a kick your ass" "Hey you, come here" (Repeat 2x) [Fat Joe] Sucker back up, a real motherfucker's on stage I shoot the gift like a motherfucking 12 guage Niggas know I'm versatile No question I'm buckwild, I'm killing rappers executioner style Hanging motherfuckers with a mic cord I'm a rap lord, suckers always get me bored Saying that they that and this Ayo they get me pissed, cause motherfuckers ain't jack shit I'm here to represent the Boogie Down Making niggas leave town before sundown And if you don't listen, G I'll stick a knife up your ass like "American Me" I'm serving motherfuckers like Wimbleton I shock a crowd like a bottle of insulin And niggas always get me vexed I'm tired of motherfuckers trying to sound like Das Efx You'd better hold your own, child Cause I'm laying suckers like rugs and tiles This is the bigger nigger with the mad lines You step to me? You must be out of your FUCKING mind! "You must be out your fucking mind, man" "I'm a kick your ass" "Hey you, come here" (Repeat 2x) [Fat Joe] Yeah, now you motherfuckers know the flav, East Coast style Fat Joe, G. Rap, and Apache You step to us, you must be out of your FUCKING mind! (gunshots)
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