Текст песни Belle & Sebastian - I Want the World to Stop

Write About Love
Жанр: Indie Rock / Indie Pop
Исполнитель: Belle & Sebastian
Альбом: Write About Love
Длительность: 04:34
Рейтинг: 1034
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Загрузил: the_con


I want the world to stop (I want the world to stop) Give me the morning (give me the understanding) I want the world to stop (I want the world to stop) Give me the morning, give me the afternoon The night, the night Let me step out of my shell I'm wrapped in sheets of milky winter disorder Let me feel the air again, the talk of friends The mind of someone my equal I want the world to stop… Tinseltown has followed me from Tinseltown to Grey adorable city by the docks Girls will walk in moving air the sun hangs low the girls don’t care As they paint themselves at dusk. I want the world to stop… Towns’ and cities’ populations up and grow The workers move to the suburbs In between I watch and go I run along side rush hour traffic a prayer for every car I want the world to stop… I want to write a message to you Everyday at 10 o clock in the evening Yellow pearl my city is This is your art this is your Balzac your Brookside and your Bach
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