Текст песни Darkness - In my Dreams (Nightmare Mix)

In my Dreams
Жанр: Eurodance
Исполнитель: Darkness
Альбом: In my Dreams
Длительность: 06:01
Рейтинг: 1410
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Загрузил: Mobimax


Dreams Sometimes reality, sometimes illusions They can come to you straight from the darkness The evil is trying to get your soul. Dreams. Dreams In my dreams In my fantasy I can see All the things that will be Rescue me From my fantasy In my dreams, in my dreams, in my dreams Dreams come in my mind like a hurricane Nine minutes from thirty in the boogyman I wake up in the middle of the night My body sweats, I twist from side to side I can't stand, I can't stand the feeling Praying to God and I hope that I'm dreaming My hands are bleeding, heads are bleeding Lookin' to my mom and she starts screaming What's going on, I can't stand the feeling Turn my heads and I see my face in the ceiling Each and every night, different faces I'm the man in my dream in different places Yes I'm lost and scared of the illusion My mind is full, full of confusion My body hurts, I twist from side to side I wake up in the middle of the night Dreams. They went into my soul They give you plseasure till you I lose control I can't sleep 'cause I got fear fear I got fear of the things that I hear Who's gonna be the one who helps from myself I need somebody, I need help My body's flyins, body's flyin Just be a friend and I and I Rescue me, rescue me. Oh come on rescue me I'm on a road, on a road to nowhere I'm on a roll, alone, where's my teddy bear I can see you tonight 'cause I got fear Somebody's screamin' loud and clear I get shot and twist from side to side I wake up in the middle of the night <a href=" - In My Dreams - Текст Песни</a> Darkness - In My Dreams - Текст Песни
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