Текст песни Pillar - The Runaway

For The Love Of The Game
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal
Исполнитель: Pillar
Альбом: For The Love Of The Game
Длительность: 03:09
Рейтинг: 883
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: kira


The Runaway lyrics Six o'clock on Friday You thought you heard a little voice try to say Time is running out So why you looking out For yourself Later on that Sunday You're looking for a little bit of leeway You say I'll give it a try but I don't got the time for you now [Pre-Chorus] I tried to figure you out I tried to figure you out There's just no telling why [Chorus] Why you wanna run away? I think maybe you should stay right here And maybe you'll appreciate All that He's done for you Everything He has for you It's all you wanted Nine a.m. on Monday You hear a little voice again try to say What's it gonna take How am I gonna break you down You say it was bad day Maybe it was just a bad mistake Don't give up and quit Make the best of it Right now [Pre-Chorus and Chorus] It's all you ever wanted. [Pre-Chorus and Chorus]
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