Текст песни Enslaved - Raidho

Axioma Ethica Odini
Жанр: Progressive Black
Исполнитель: Enslaved
Альбом: Axioma Ethica Odini
Длительность: 06:02
Рейтинг: 886
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Загрузил: arschgesicht


This journey without movement Heading out for no-man's land The way ahead my only ally Early hours, in the silence This credence keeps me upright Through the storms and disasters A straight line towards the unknown end Deceit waits on the back roads This unwavering inner Keeps fear a welcomed pointer I, uprooted; now the fertile soil As plot and shadows thicken This juggernaut cannot be stopped On any scale or planet Ghostly tracks in my wake and ahead An experience, cannot be shared Ref: Wheels of time Keep them turning Carriage of concepts Circling the planes Lightless voyage, blinding speeds Certain; I'll stay the distance Abstract shapes, enigmatic design I know enough to endure Lightless corridors, ageless Familiar / Alien Contradictory engines run high Deeper and further above Journey of no promises Beyond the lust for rewards Focus on the movement of the Wheel Union of stillness and change Journey of the ages all I'll follow outside the edge Breath, blood, sacrifice and bleeding eyes Unending journey ahead Ref: Wheels of time Keep them turning Carriage of concepts Circling the planes
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