Текст песни Trey Songz - Unusual (Feat. Drake)

Passion, Pain & Pleasure
Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Trey Songz
Альбом: Passion, Pain & Pleasure
Длительность: 03:32
Рейтинг: 533
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Загрузил: bubulka


[Trey Songz Talking] And I Wouldn’t Be Me If I Didn’t Get A Little Nasty Na Na Na Na Na Na Na (x3) [Verse 1] How `bout we just move over , And just do it where we at How `bout you just lift that skirt up Ohh . . . We can be bad That place that ain’t been touched , I’m feeling on it I’ll let you sit through, keep spinning on it Girl . . . Giddy Up Giddy Up , Take me on a ride to ecstasy You don’t wanna bump bump then take a nap You just wanna bump bump bring right back Watch me I’ma heat it up , beat it up ohhh [Chorus] I know you’re tired of the usual, usual, usual I can give you more than the usual Not your regular , Tell you what , Let me touch You gon’ feel something unusual, unusual, unusual I’m not gon’ do what the usual, Not your regular, Tell you what , Let me touch You gon’ feel something unusual [Verse 2] I wanna do the wicked things you never do What if we get it while your friends was in the room Is that too hot for ya ? Don’t you feel bad, Let em feel sexy We can make a sex room wherever we go Take it to the restroom, they ain’t gotta know No . . Ohh . . Watch me heat it up, Beat it up Woo .. Hey! Do You hear me girl ? Watch me heat it up, Beat it up Woo [Chorus] [Trey Songz Talking] That’s the restaurant (Check) Cinema (Check) On the hood (Check) Of The Car (Check) On the top (Check) Balcony (Check) In the jet (Check) On the beach [Drake] This that other shit You know you ask for it I might just save you some money , And getcha passport So You can come to me city , I’ll take you all over And Hit you on the balcony , Just don’t fall over Send me a picture baby , you know I’d never leak it I know you got something recent , For someone decent Why you laughing out loud , I’m serious Bring your girl if you a little bi-curious Please ; Please No Storytelling of others I promise you gon’ love it I would never let you down Feel like I might of perfected , All the things that you’ve expected And you gon’ know it when you bring your ass around Motherfu- Oh! [Chorus] [Trey Songs] Get it all different kind of ways All different places Look at the many little faces you making But can you take it Ohh Y’all thought I was nasty last year
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