Текст песни Steve Lukather - On My Way Home

All's Well That Ends Well
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Steve Lukather
Альбом: All's Well That Ends Well
Длительность: 05:22
Рейтинг: 591
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Загрузил: DCLXVI


IT's 11 AM Where the hell am I It's that time again IT seems i just close my eyes As i wipe off the sweat Of the last night's disguise Osaka at noon i hear the lobby call The light burns my eyes As I start to crawl The bus leaves here soon And i don't care at all And as the years begin to show on me My life and times, the man I see The years out here are 33 and change Well it's just another endless drive There's something dying deep inside i never felt so tired and all alone it's just 10, ооо lonely miles Till I hold your hand and see you smile A month has passed and i'm a little stoned i'm on my way home
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