Текст песни Hopsin - Bubblies

Gazing At The Moonlight
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Hopsin
Альбом: Gazing At The Moonlight
Длительность: 03:44
Рейтинг: 391
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Загрузил: moha2


[Intro:] Record Label Exec.:So? What can you do for our label Mr. Hopsin Hopsin: Oh huh, well I got the bubblies Record Label Exec.: The Bubblies? Hopsin: Well, yeah [Verse 1:] Check it out Yeah I'mma little out of it I dont even really understand what the problem is I think its because im the man wit the hottest shit Satan offer going if I can I demolish it Then people noticing that's why my name bubblin They speak about Hop they like "Nah, you can't fuck wit him" You ain't up wit him these niggas just ain't touchin him You want him out the game distract to strait bustle him I know its necessary because im ahead of every Upcomin MC and they dont wanna be secondary So they sendin these threat messages to me just to scare me They see I'm very capable of bein legendary [Hook:] Theres somthin wrong wit me I'm feelin kinda ill dont fuck wit me (Yeah) I think I might have the bubblies (I got the bubblies) Oooh, Hes got the bubblies yeah Bubblies (Yeah) Yeah, bubblies (Yeah) Yeah,bubblies (I got the bubblies) He's got the bubblies [Verse 2:] Like a fat man wit diaherrea problems Wwho been takin way too many bites of peach cobler If I get in the game yup I probably will rob em "Hes takin over the world we gotta freakin stop him!" Listen up and listen good, only I can Stop me I'm not gone stop me til my damn dick is iced and rocky (Wow) And now you tryna defeat me, your styles sloppy Then again if I was in yo shoes I would not be Probly the same way, I'd run up on me and take fade Then lie to the cops wit a strait face Then right when you thinkin that shit is just perfect Hop would take it outta some rappers who didn't deserve it Just to make me feel better, send threatens and kill letters To every rapper who I think is droppin a ill record (Pow!) I'm comin you dumb if you not runnin, im gunnin OH! Whats up wit my stomach? [Hook:] [Bridge: 2x] Excuse me sir wheres the restroom? Excuse Me sir wheres the restroom? I have to use the restroom (Find the way, nigga!) [Verse 3:] Ehh, MCs tryna roll on the ponish Just to boost up they career when they old and Corroded I got plans dont be thinkin that your flow will decode it It's my spotlight and I ain't lettin go of the moment And if you really feel you've had it, You want the mic so bad Well motha fucka I suggest you come and snatch it! (Aaah) Even if you did it wouldn't make a difference Cuz the people you tryna attract ain't listenin These bubbly wubblys suddenly buggin me Stomach be rumblin mumblin when I have to confront MCs It troubles me but the honeys be lovin me Some will be fiesty, but in the end I'mma feel on her double Ds I'mma have to end this dang song pretty soon And I ain't sayin it just to be cool I really do For real man, all my dang time is runnin out Oh too late, its already comin out! [Hook:] [Outro:] I've been waiting for this my whole life Oh yes, the feelin is so right Yeah, yeah, bubblies Huh, hah, ooh thank God yeah Bubblies, haha
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