Текст песни The Blasters - No Other Girl

The Blasters
Жанр: Rock 'n' Roll
Исполнитель: The Blasters
Альбом: The Blasters
Длительность: 02:28
Рейтинг: 592
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Загрузил: magnum 357


Waitin' in an all night cafe Drunk half out of my mind Down to my last cigarette Tryin' to kill some time I don't know why I do it Spend a day at another's girl place She knew that when I open the door She could see by the look on my face [Chorus] Waitin' for me, she's waitin' for me No other girl could take it Another girl 'd just give in Another girl 'd throw out on the street No other girl would take me back again A chapman takes his hat off He likes his coffee black Soon I'll have to face the fact She knows that I'll be back The busboy speaks in Spanish The waitress checks her hair I been so many nights on the town She'll always be there [Chorus] I don't know why I do it Some day she might be gone I buy a new pack of cigarettes I've been in this joint along [Chorus] No other girl would take me back again No other girl would take me back again
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