Текст песни Frank Sinatra - A Long Night

She Shot Me Down
Жанр: Jazz
Исполнитель: Frank Sinatra
Альбом: She Shot Me Down
Длительность: 03:46
Рейтинг: 624
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Загрузил: Артемис Фаул


Long night, it's a long night, my friend The barrooms and the back street's dead end Sometimes I thought I saw the sunrise and good times in the air It was just, it was just another big town with midnight's neon glare Long night, it's a long night, I know The bus rides and the "nowhere to go" I've seen what the street corners do to things like love and dreams Seen what the bottle can do to a man with his hopes and his schemes A long night, what a long night it has been The wheelers and the dealers, they win I've tasted the 90-proof gin and chased it away with the blues I rarely paid debts that I owed but I sure have paid my dues No daylight, just a long night for me
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