Текст песни Woe, Is Me - Keep Your Enemies Close

Жанр: Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Woe, Is Me
Альбом: Number[s]
Длительность: 02:29
Рейтинг: 609
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Загрузил: -K1LLa-


Hindsight is my only flaw Right after we fail it's easy to realize the things we've lost Push comes to shove, their only excuse is we do it out of love There we flee trying to please everyone that we see fit for the trifold Behind everything, inside we choose to hide Because we have the sense to do this for the sake of pride Business aside Modest, we condescend, while you're looking up reaching for my hand Now tell me, who's the bigger man Never take your sight of these trophies in the light Because the thieves of the swell will try to steal our thunder Expect all is well but they're holding us under When all we have, is all we know We've tasted flight, we will forever move this earth I'd like to thank the devil inside for slamming so many doors But I thank God for opening so many more I hold the key to your teeth that preach those crooked words So hold your tongue before I, rip it out.
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