Текст песни Tony Carey - I Feel Good

For You
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Tony Carey
Альбом: For You
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 1867
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Загрузил: savage1205


Just the two of us it was Boomtown or bust and we missed some meals and we spun our wheels we could never get enough here's the rest of it now it hurts like a bitch and you know I told you baby you could leave if it gets rough and I feel good I'm allright this is not a teardrop and this is not your fight I feel good back when the world was young we were favorite sons and we ran proud and straight and often and that can never be undone here's the rest of it make the best of it and you know we'll fight our battles 'till our battles are all won and I feel good I'm allright and I'm standing in the cold cold rain feels like I've been here all right I feel good I'm okay and baby you won't find me crying I will wave that all away and I feel good
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