Текст песни Overkill - Never Say Never

Under The Influence
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Overkill
Альбом: Under The Influence
Длительность: 04:59
Рейтинг: 2272
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Загрузил: astmatic


hey! i climb the mountian, for all to see. systematic ascention! is a part of me. i've felt the fire! been taken over. i'm pushin' forward and getting closer. from the fire to the streets. i've seen it all.. i've melted in the heat, an' i heard the call. and then a brand new day! a chance to be reborn. i've seen another way. no time to sit and mourn. there's a light that shines at the tunnel's end. it lights... my every step. i came here to win. never say never. hey! shadows of things that might have been. or another sunset simply gone. ponder questions without answers. indecision spreads like cancer. wash the dirt from beneath your nails one has tried, one has never failed!! i'm getting closer, can see the top. and when i started! knew i'd never stop. the road was long and hard! the climb was rough. but to a greater end, ya hang... tough. pulled it from inside of me. it drove me forever. didn't want to sit and rot. wanted better. from the fire to the streets. (3x) you never never never say never! (3 again) never say never! no! never! hey!
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