Текст песни DJ Champion (CA) - Perfect In Between

Жанр: Electronic
Исполнитель: DJ Champion (CA)
Альбом: Resistance
Длительность: 03:33
Рейтинг: 485
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Загрузил: Young_AroN


In the perfect in between I can touch what you've seen And the deepest of all horizons I can reach your eon Where I'll be my heart can't see so far I need to free Yeah I just want to let me go let me go to Rio INSANE GUITAR In the perfect in between Never high and never low Never ever have time for dreams false starts for sorrow And if you trust you won't get lost just believe our paths will cross Where to be is not to be When the question is how far you wish to see INSANE GUITAR In the perfect in between Time slows down all around Too slow to oversee You run around and round I can't figure how a small would be The smallest pieces of eternity Would it be so warm in me Losing ground and falling free INSANER GUITAR In the perfect in between (X3) You'll be fine, I'll will be more than dreams
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