Текст песни Tez & Tajiee - What Ya Gonna Do

Street Racing Syndicate - OST
Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: Tez & Tajiee
Альбом: Street Racing Syndicate - OST
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 3681
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Загрузил: RAZOR82


Yo! Where all them niggaz that think they can hang they shit when they get locked nigga knahmsayin? That shit ain't no joke That shit is serious nigga Can you hang with the bankers and the rollers when you get locked nigga? Whassup nigga? Lemme know... [Tez] Whatcha gon' do? When ya first get there and they got ya heart bumpin A bunch of niggaz in the yard sufferin No you can't run when them motherfuckers start somethin Tell me what ya gon' do Can you sling it from the shoulders? Are you hangin wit the holders? Tell me what ya in fo' - can ya maintain the pain comin from the bankers and the rollers Was that glock in ya back or som'in? Did ya have to go and kill that bitch? So ya robbed the Seven Eleven and got caught, now nigga tell me do ya feel that rich? Ol' fake-ass nigga, momma got a Benz, daddy got a Lex-O All ya had to do was go school nigga, tryna act a fool, better chill with ya sets yo Nigga tell me now, whatchu gon' do? Now ya stuck in jail from passin out endo Never chillin with ya kinfolk, Scratchin paper on my life through the poly-glass window Tell me whatchu gon' do? When ya got a headache, ain't got no aspirin Don't even bother askin 'em better watch out for the nigga tryna get up in ya ass again Beyotch! [Hook] - 2X Whatchu gon' do - when you ain't givin no luck? (I don't know yo) Whatchu gon' do - when niggaz don't give a fuck? (I don't know what) Whatchu gon' do - say yo you betta get up (alright alright) Whatchu gon' do - somebody bout to get touched (not that tonight) [Tajiee] Whatchu gon' do When ya can't haul cats like you did on the block before? Niggaz don't care about you coppin dough Niggaz couldn't care less about drops and clothes, yo [Tez] Whatchu gon' do? When ya got a phat house and ya used to tips Versace; it used to fit Now it's bum pants, yain't used to this Fuck nigga [Tajiee] Whatchu gon' do When them same ol' cats that you once had beef with Now you gotta eat with? -- If it was up to them, they'd be the same ol' cats you gotta sleep with, yo [Tez] Whatchu gon' do When it ain't no sippin on that Henn.. gettin up in the pens.. No sympathy and no friends...? [Tajiee] Whatchu gon' do When ya girl come through, hollerin it's ova And she want the kids house and the Range Rover? Smellin like liquor, charge in with a hangover, huh [Tez] Whatchu gon' do When ya tired of books, can't stand that beef? Chillin with a man that's sweet Now ya girlfriend messin witcha man named Meat, uhh [Hook] - 2X [Taijee] Whatchu gon' do - when it comes to the end Sittin it the court with a 514, and ya girl in the back cryin And ya can't take it back Tears on ya face and ya hands and ya lap It's consequence, shakin in ya boots no competence What happened to the cat on the block with the fo' that'll pop if a nigga show confidence? Gotta stay locked up, stay boxed up Stay liftin weights nigga, stay rocked up Gotta stay with them cats who'll stay oxed up For ya own good nigga betta stay cocked up Cuz it's a million more cats that's harder than you Ten times bigger than you, quicker than you Who really don't care livin with who With nothin to live for, wanna stick it to you, huh? [Hook 2] Whatchu gon' do? - When you can't sleep and you feel outta place Whatchu gon' do? - When niggaz creepin, won't get out yo face Whatchu gon' do? - With out no heat you just gon' have to stay Whatchu gon' do? - And anyday, you might get tooken out anyway
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