Текст песни Staind - Just Go

Жанр: Alternative Metal / Nu-Metal / Post-Grunge
Исполнитель: Staind
Альбом: Dysfunction
Длительность: 04:51
Рейтинг: 2407
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Skinnyman


I'm kinda numb It's so distorted You left me here with this damage that you've caused My tortured faces These fucked up places In my memories none of them I've lost, but... Припев: I haven't been here long enough to know Every time I feel this I just lose control Such a cancer on the face of everything that's beautiful I wish that this would just go, go. It's kinda sick I feel so dirty I'm kinda tragic kinda insecure But I know that I'm the only One that can fix whatever's wrong I'm sure, but... Припев: I feel so alone From all I've become I'll take you down I'll feel so down I'm water while you drown You're lifted while I'm down I'm cancer in your womb I'm the needle in your spoon, but... Припев: Just go
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