Текст песни Ghostface Killah - Be Easy

Waist Deep - OST / Перехват - Саундтрек
Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: Ghostface Killah
Альбом: Waist Deep - OST / Перехват - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 969
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Загрузил: S_J


[Intro: Ghostface Killah] Yeah... what's happpening New York City? It's ya boy Ghost in the muthafuckin' house tonight ("Don't fuck with Ghost, you'll feel sorry") Nahwhatimean? We about to get it popping, let's go! Yo! Yo! [Chorus: Ghostface Killah] Tell your crew to be easy, niggaz run around With them fake frowns, sell 'em on eBay Get word to the DJ, tell 'em Staten Island's In the house, put the record on replay [Ghostface Killah] Get your nose blowned off by the fifth, uh You wanna be there, layin' all stiff, uh Everytime you go uptown, you get jipped, uh That's karma, boy, running your lip, uh You be fronting like you got a bunch of chicks, uh You be at home, nigga, beating your dick, uh I'm in the club with the chipped up wrist, uh You at the bar, whoadie, drinkin' my piss, uh The yellow shit, and the bottle ain't Crys', son You turned your muthafuckin' head, nigga, we switched 'em You just mad cause I'm hittin' your sister You in the other room, huh, you couldn't sleep, uh Pop a lotta shit without that liquor, yup We mind seat up, so take our picture I'm like the boogeyman, nigga, I'll get ya Whether now or later, afterlife, or switcher [Interlude: Ghostface Killah] Yeah, oh shit, aiyo Tone hurry up and get 'em, nigga You knowhatimean, it's about to pop off! Ya'll niggaz clear the fucking floor Get the fuck out the way, come on! [Chorus] [Trife Da God (Ghostface Killah) {both}] Yo, it's Tone in the building (the teams in the building) Niggaz wanna beef {what up, what up, what up} We packed to the ceiling (we constantly chilling) We can cause {we could, we shoot, we slice, we cut} Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yea, now Yes, my birthday, landed in nay, now Peace to Dirt Dog, I'm back like deja vu Leave your girl around me, I will bag your boo Ahh, you bitch niggaz better listen up Anybody front, paramedics gonna pick 'em up They try to save you, sware to God, I hit the nurse up Like "Nah, doc, he look better in a herse truck" I tried to ignore it, his people saw it I ain't the type of dude you go to war with My polo gun yo, will crack the floor shit When the heat's on, you know I draw it I had his number down, Toney just called it [Interlude: Ghostface Killah] Yo, aiyo, Pete Rock, good looking nigga! Staten Island, yo Theodore! What's the deal Slap me one of the ratchets, I'm about to go in! Yo! [Chorus] [Ghostface Killah] Gotta get that cheese, gotta pimp that V Gotta burn those leaves, and uh Pretty Tone make the girls say please Daddy work that d, put it in and be eas' and uh So what, come on, now some of y'all people Might know me from my wallabies Pretty bitches got my number, y'all can dial me I stick it up like an iced cake robbery And when I'm done, y'all can finger nail file me Floss the I'll robes since Criminology Supreme Clientele, put the world on top of me Yo babe, hurry up, with those collard greens I represent S.I., ain't as wild as me They lousy, I'm phat like a pound of cheeba weed brownies Tone got the powder squeeze, don't surround me Quick to pick a honey up, shit, the flow's Bounty Ya'll can just crown me! [Outro: Ghostface Killah] Yeah, that's right I like to thank y'all for coming out tonight How y'all like that shit? Youknowhatimean? You really run New York This is that Theodore shit, muthafucker!
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