Текст песни Lords Of Acid - She And Mrs. Jones

Жанр: Electronic / Techno / Industrial
Исполнитель: Lords Of Acid
Альбом: Voodoo-U
Длительность: 04:40
Рейтинг: 519
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: LEMING86


Hey motherfucker, are you jerking off again You horny little bastard can't do anything right You can't fuck, you can't suck, let me beat that dick You see, you gotta do it faster, faster, faster, faster Hey, baby make me wet. Please tie me to your bed Whip my body, make me sweat, whip my body make me sweat Hey baby make me wet Suck me loud and suck me long, baby's gonna make me come Make me scream and make me shout, let your tongue go in and out On the table, on the floor, baby make me beg for more On the backseat of the car, baby's gonna drive me far Hey baby make me wet............ Eat that pussy, chew it up. Come on baby make me drop From the bed onto the floor, give me what I'm asking for Jump my body through the night, baby takes me for a ride Put me on your burning spear, drink my juices like a beer Give me all the fun you got, do it 'cause I'm sweet and hot Fuck me like I know you can baby show me you're a man Lick me up and try me down, fingers going round and round Carress my boobs and lick my feet baby take away the heat Mrs Jones denies it's strong But we know that something's wrong All night long she screams and shouts We know what it's all about Somewhere on the second floor Behind the torturechamber door Mr Jones waits for demands While he's tied up by the hands Hey baby make me wet I'll tie you to your bed I'll whip your body, make you sweat I'll whip your body, make you sweat I'll whip your body, make you sweat Hey baby make me wet Sadist on stiletto heels Mr Jones likes how that feels Nipples pierced with iron chains Instruments for dirty games There is no time for romance She's the devil in rubber pants Sits down on his burning spear Mr Jones is filled with fear Mr Jones cries out with joy When he sees the rubber toy Twists his ass with horny pride The dildo runs on dynamite But mrs Jones she doesn't know His constrictor is about to blow All that's left of the family Jones Is a pile of shit and a heap of bones
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