Текст песни Terror - Better Off Without You

Lowest Of The Low
Жанр: Hardcore
Исполнитель: Terror
Альбом: Lowest Of The Low
Длительность: 02:05
Рейтинг: 762
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Загрузил: 6cess


From nowhere I first saw your face. You knew everyone, everything. You thought you were above us all. Ran your mouth for attention, looking for acceptance. Came around with so much to prove, but no one here gives a fuck about you. We're better off without you, so much better off, without you. Make your claims, it's all the same. Big mouth, no heart. My hate for you just fucking grows. In and out of every trends. Never backed the things you said. The loudest are the first to go, so fucking go. Seen your kind many times. Big mouth, no heart. In shame, disgrace. Fist to your fucking face.
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