Текст песни Snap! - Believe the hype

The Best
Жанр: Rap / Dance / Soul
Исполнитель: Snap!
Альбом: The Best
Длительность: 04:51
Рейтинг: 1872
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Загрузил: tagm


Searched and searched Where is the justice Couldn't find it So in God I trust this mind to So it's strong and fruitful Am what I am Black and it's beautiful Not political But aware Power Lord With a Powerful stare Never bow down to a mortal man Here I stand at my own command Not a follower Not a leader An exceeder sharp as a cleaver Some are sinners some are praisers Me Turbo B. Heavenly Hellraiser Truth from the kid make some stronger Straight to the heart like a 12" dagger Motley Way of the world Gaze upon the black pearl The bigger the badder bull In the game of life Knowledge rules The one with brains is the sole survivor Whit food is i tink ;with i stupid driver See Don't be a dim wit Ignorant Really a bad trip Wisdom get this This is legit Can l get a witness Not oppressor of the oppressor Don't rate this one as anything lesser Racist You don't want to hear it But if the shoe fits then wear it Life is tough so you got to get tougher Get smart To out bluff the bluffer Feed your mind till wisdom peaks Absorb the knowledge I speak
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