Текст песни Mike Oldfield - Saved By A Bell

Жанр: New Age
Исполнитель: Mike Oldfield
Альбом: Discovery
Длительность: 04:40
Рейтинг: 2413
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Загрузил: magnum 357


Would you like to look through my telescope? The Milky Way's a fine sight to see. All around our universe, we try so hard to view What's new. Make a trip down to Sagittarius And take a spin by some nebula. I hope the sky stays clear for us, tonight goes on so far In stars. [ Chorus ] Saved by a bell, Suffer in hell, But you were too blind to tell. Saved by a bell, Suffer in hell, And you made it through so well. Shining like bright diamonds, the galaxies. Jupiter and Saturn spin by. Passing by companions, they all go drifting by. They fly! Carry me down to see Aquarius. We're hoping to meet a shooting star. I can see there's going to be a message from afar. How close we are. [ Repeat Chorus ] [ Repeat Chorus ] [ Repeat Chorus ] [ Repeat Chorus ]
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