Current 93 - Dogs Blood Order (1997)

Dogs Blood Order

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Жанр: Dark Folk
Исполнитель: Current 93
Дата релиза: 1997
Лейбл: Not On Label (Current 93 Self-released)
Тип: Тип не назначен
Загрузил: artem_placebo
Обновил: Strike_26
Добавлено: 22.11.2010
After releasing one record LAShtAl, under the name of Current 93, we briefly became Dogs Blood Order. This release gathers together recordings of the two concerts we played; there were no studio recordings.
The first concert was at The Equinox Event, which took place at The London Musician's Co-op in Camden Town, North London, on June 21, 1983. Dogs Blood Order were then: David Tibet and John Murphy. The sound was mixed by Roger Smith. The second was at the Clarendon, in Hammersmith, West London, on October 6, 1983. Dogs Blood Order were now: David Tibet, John Murphy, Roger Smith, and Derek (second name forgotten, though he had played for SPK). The sound was mixed by Steven Stapleton and John Fothergill, of Nurse With Wound.
The image on the cover, Maldoror Is Dead, was the first piece of art designed by Steven Stapleton for us. I can never thank him enough for all he has done for and with me. The reocrding of The Equinox Event was done onto low quality cassette. The recording at The Clarendon was done onto stereo 1/4" tape. Three people clapped at the end of the latter concert. They were being sarcastic.

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Current 93 - Dogs Blood Order (1997)

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